What we offer

Through collaboration we create a portfolio of connected professional education programmes that will serve your employees and organisation.

From entry-level school leavers to senior, seasoned professionals, our programmes work together or independently to fulfil a number of criteria:

Professional Ethics module
  • Work towards professional, regulatory or accredited qualifications
  • Close skills gaps
  • Upskill or reskill
  • Technically train
  • Develop soft skills
  • Enhance careers

We can provide what you need, across the globe, throughout your organisation, through well-executed and tested delivery modes.

Our programmes

We offer four types of professional education, starting with apprenticeships. These can include a degree or provide a professional qualification. Funded through your apprenticeship levy, we can support your apprenticeship programmes from recruitment to successful programme completion.

We also offer a wide-range of standalone vocational degree programmes and professional qualifications independently of apprenticeships. Additionally, we can provide professional development programmes including technical or soft skills training for your employees who have an identified skills gap. Our programmes span Level 2 (GCSE) to Level 7 (Master’s).

What BPP Offers

For more information on each of our programmes within these disciplines, visit the relevant page:

Our reputation as a trusted partner is reflected through the many organisations that exclusively train their staff with us through our professional education programmes - including UK law firms and many world-leading banks and accountancy firms.