Our approach

We work closely with you to align your needs with exactly the right programmes, infrastructure and support to maximise your people’s talents through the wisest allocation of your funding and budgets.

We advise and guide you in creating a matrix of programmes that suit each level of training. Our professional education content will overarch your business aims, future workforce plans and talent strategy to provide you with a competitive edge and value for money.

The results of our approach can be implemented locally, nationally and internationally through mixed and flexible delivery: in-centre, face-to-face, online or a blend of these. We can be flexible about where we teach and also in the way that programmes are developed – using 'off the shelf' or bespoke content. Importantly, the way we work together can be portable, scalable and unique to your business and its culture.

Business strategy

  • We will deliver talent propositions aligned to your operating model, business strategy and organisational goals, now and for the future

Strategic workforce plans

  • We will professionalise job roles within your organisation across a range of disciplines and at various levels
  • We will support the development of a wider and more diverse talent pool for your organisation

Talent strategy

  • We can develop talent at all levels - from school leavers to senior management
  • We can succession plan - providing new entrants or existing employees with the opportunity to progress from one education level or talent proposition to another
  • We will develop new skills for your teams and accredit existing ones
  • We will create a more vocationally professional workforce through the provision of relevant technical or non-technical training

Competitiveness in the marketplace

  • You can be seen as a highly attractive employer by offering a wide spectrum of talent propositions that embed different types of professional education including:
    • apprenticeships
    • professional qualifications
    • degree programmes
    • professional development
    • career progression opportunities

Value for money

  • You can offer unique innovative programmes that deliver both success for the learner and a return on your investment
  • You can design interventions that recognise and accredit your existing learning and development and talent programmes to create a synergy between the internal and external training that forms part of your organisation-wide talent strategy
  • We will help you to deliver professional education programmes to relevant audiences with economies of scale