How leading employers are approaching the apprenticeship levy.

BPP partnered with Trendence UK and Group GTI to survey Guardian UK 300 employers on how they are responding to the levy and implementing their resulting apprenticeship programmes.

Research specialists Trendence asked top employers how their levy plans had crystallised. We asked them what strategies they had put in place, how they thought there levy would affect their operating model, recruitment strategies, candidate perceptions, and talent pipeline.

The findings of the survey have been summarised in our Apprenticeship Levy Study. The report highlights that there is a shift to higher level apprenticeships – almost two-thirds of employers (65%) are planning to offer degree apprenticeships, and over three-quarters (78%) are considering higher level 5, 6 and 7 non-degree apprenticeships. Less than a third (31%) say they are planning to reduce the number of graduates as a result of apprenticeships, with two fifths (40%) ruling out any change and half (53%) saying they will convert graduate programmes into apprenticeship programmes.

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Analysis of sector differences (Financial Services, Professional Services (including Accountancy and Tax), Legal and Public sectors) are now available.

We recently shared with you our Apprenticeship Levy Study, since then we have been further dissecting the responses and have identified some illuminating differences between a number of key sectors.

Key highlights show that all those in the professional services sector are planning to use the levy, with over half aiming to spend it within two years. Two-fifths of financial services employers aim to recoup most of their levy spend within four years, compared to nine in ten in professional services. A key objective for law firms is increasing social mobility; two-thirds of them cite that as a reason to use the levy. Law firms also plan to use it mainly to recruit under-25s, whereas seven in ten public sector employers will be offering apprenticeship programmes to the over 50s.

To view the sector reports, please see our "How leading employers are approaching the Apprenticeship Levy - Sector reports" page.