Degree Apprenticeships - realising opportunities

Key findings from the recent report from Universites UK Degree Apprenticeship are as follows:

There are at least 60 universities and other higher education institutions across England currently implementing or planning to implement degree apprenticeships for the next academic year (2017–18).

The number of ‘standards’ approved for delivery has increased considerably, and there will be more than 7,600 degree apprentices by 2017–18.

Universities will be providing degree apprenticeships across almost all of the available standards. Current growth is being driven by chartered manager, digital and technology, and engineer-related degree apprenticeships.

As well as delivering existing standards universities are interested in developing new standards in 43 industry areas. Growth will diversify as more standards are approved, especially those for the public sector.

To read the full report please view here


"Degree apprenticeships, encompassing university and work, are on the verge of significant success", For more interesting reports on Degree Apprenticeships, read the BBC report here