Employer Discussion Forum: Level 6 / 7 Financial Services and Accountancy Apprenticeships 18.12.17

Emma O’Dell, Head of Financial Services Apprenticeships and Strategic Partnerships at BPP, ran an employer roundtable on Monday 18th December specifically for Investment Banks, Retail Banks and Investment Management firms, which took place at our BPP University Campus. Attendees comprised of; Deutsche, Citi, Societe Generale, Rothschild, Wells Fargo, UBS, RBC Capital Markets, Aon, Santander, FCA, Mitsubishi Bank and Morgan Stanley.

The first of a series of events which will continue in the New Year, focused on the level 6 and 7 Financial Services and level 7 Accountancy apprenticeships – of which BPP will be launching from January 2018.

Employers have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the level 6 Financial Services Professional, level 7 Senior Investment/Commercial Banking Professional programmes (including CFA, CISI and CBI qualifications) and the level 7 Professional Accountant programme (including ACCA, ICAEW and CIMA Qualifications) - as a way of converting their graduate programmes or supporting existing staff to participate in apprenticeships. BPP’s programmes and start dates are designed to support employers deliver all these standards whichever population.

The session looked at ways in which clients can map and redesign existing two-year (Financial Services graduate programmes) and three-year (Finance/Internal Audit graduate programmes) including how; induction, technical, soft skills, professional qualifications training and rotations could support the 20% off the job training requirement if converting these schemes to the level 6 and level 7 apprenticeships.  It also covered how employers might encourage existing staff to participate in these apprenticeships, and how they need to align with typical employer study policies.

Attendees were really engaged throughout the session and there was much debate on what a successful programme would look like and a number of suggested approaches were explored.

Keep an eye out on BPP’s upcoming employer events in the New Year on our employer’s site.