Apprenticeship Levy Study Part II - Financial Services

Our market leading research, in partnership with research specialists trendence UK, recently surveyed the Guardian UK 300 employers on their apprenticeship strategies.

This report, which includes the highest level of industry sector feedback from financial services firms compared to other industries, provides insight on how the UK's top organisations are planning to deal with the Apprenticeship Levy.

Employers in the sector seem determined to make the most of the opportunities afforded by the levy, even if they have decided that they will take their time to access its funds. Most appear to have concluded that making sure apprenticeship programmes are right for their business is more important than spending their allowance quickly.

A top line view of the insights for Financial Services firms also highlights:

  • While most firms plan to use it, 40% of those surveyed will pay an annual levy fee above £8 million
  • 75% say diversity initiatives are a priority, double the number from last year
  • And seven out of ten plan to convert existing professional qualification programmes to apprenticeships

This report will give employers an opportunity to consider their approach to the levy, in light of feedback and new thinking from the firms we surveyed.

Last year’s financial services report can be found here.

Reports for other industries you may be interested in can also be found on our insights page.

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