Symposium – 4th Annual Apprenticeships and School Leavers Conference

BPP Professional Education attended and presented this year at the 4th Annual Apprenticeship and School Leavers Conference.

Top employers and professionals attended the event to discuss and share their experiences whilst implementing successful apprenticeship programmes.

Attendees were able to discover the benefits of investing in apprentices and getting the right programme in place for their businesses to ensure talented employees with the right skills are ready to hit the ground running and increase business productivity.

The speakers gave employers tools to set up and run a successful apprenticeship programme that fits their particular business needs, as well as showing the impact this would have on productivity, this including the positive benefits of offering hands-on experience and career development to people. The event attracted a variety of people form HR Managers, Directors Head’s of HR’s, Talent Management, L&D Professionals, Recruiters to Graduate and Apprenticeship Programme Specialists.

Emma O’Dell who is head of Financial Services Apprenticeships and Strategic Programmes at BPP took to the employer panel and stage to present her session which focused on employer challenges since the Apprenticeship Levy landed. Emma discussed some of the most common challenges employers are facing at the moment which as an example include

Employers are still at different stages of the lifecycle but overall the number of apprenticeships they have already launched is not at the level they anticipated, nor is levy utilization

Emma explains that employers should or have been developing their strategies and educating their business about how apprenticeship programmes can be aligned to their business objectives and long term work force planning, this type of syndication takes time and we can’t expect employers to immediately mobilize large scale programmes so soon into the levy introduction.

She explains that by giving employers time to evaluate their approach this should lead to far better quality of programmes and opportunities to their workforce and the industry as a whole.

The session also went onto look at the objectives BPP hope to gain from the second phase of Apprenticeship Levy Research that is set to be released to the market in February 2018, this includes how much employers have since delivered on or changed their approach since the levy has landed. Furthermore the research will be able to identify employer challenges/rewards and it will seek clarity on how organizations are tackling and finding positive solutions to key challenges, this including managing the 20% development time, redesigning early career programs and engaging existing staff.

For more information on BPP’s second phase of Apprenticeship Levy Research then visit BPP’s employer’s page